SOCAL-LED 5050 UNDERGLOW has recently been ranked at #5 in the 2017 wiki of the best underbody underglow kits

10 Best LED Underbody Underglow Kits | December 2016 | by Evzid Wiki.

We spent 27 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top options for this wiki. There are few more remarkable and affordable ways to add a touch of panache to your vehicle than by installing an LED lighting kit beneath its chassis. Whether you choose a system that pulses in time to the beat of your music or you opt for a more demure setup that emits a steady glow, underbody lighting will always make your vehicle stand out.


LED Underbody Kit Under Car Glow Light SMD 5050New version 5050 SMD High Intensity LED Chips. The shell is made of PVC material, which can be bent freely and has the characteristic of high and low temperature resistance and waterproof function. With the wireless remote to control power switch (C button), color changing and flashing mode (B button), and to choose colorful gradient mode (D button), voice-activated mode (A button).


This kit has 3 main color (red, blue, green) LEDs and it can create 7 colors when they alternate. The LEDs are glued to the LED strips with strong adhesive for waterproof. Under voice-activated mode, the color will change with the rhythm of the music, increasing your night driving pleasure.

Note: The wire off each strip is about 6.5ft long, if you need more wire for a bigger car/truck, search listing: B01CRTJP34

Features & Specs:

– Produces 7 colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Teal, White, and Yellow
– 15 color / flashing modes
– Composed of 252 LEDs
– Sound activation mode, the LEDs light up according to beat of music.
– Wireless keychain remote control
– Waterproof and flexible
– Optional brake light feature (We recommend to keep this feature disconnected)

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